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Pengalaman bergelar "GURU"

knock ! knock !
Gosh !! this was my first entry of the year.. haha.. i just realize this.. alama...
kalau blog ni barang kan, berhabuk-habuk sudah..ditiup-tiup lagi tu habuk..haha..
kesian this blog terabai more than a year i guess..
but it's not the main point la, hehe..finally, i can find the right time to update my blog
selepas tercabar dengan kerajinan En. kaunselor berjaya mempost sal 
perjalanan kami di SMK Taman Tun Fuad.
tidak cukup berucap di sekolah ari tu, saya mau berucap lagi di blog ni..hahaha..

I have a lot of stuff to share with my reader (reader la sgt..if any..haha) about my experiences la of course.
wanna know...then keep reading la...if u dont, then dont waste your time scrolling my blog.. hehe.. peace!!

rasanya kami-kami yang teaching practicum ni beruntung sikit la....hahaha. 
because we went through our practicum only 14 week compare with 
counselor group.. but it wont make any difference i guess..haha..
14 week became a teacher and being called "madam" instead of "miss" by my students is my most 
most most most most most best experiences ever happened to me..
haha.. i dont know la either they dont know how to use madam/miss or i'm look like a married woman..
hahaha.. but i dont care la..i just curious sometimes..

well, how i supposed to start? after a long write, i dont even now how to start this..haha!
feeling setupit pula.... okay lah... introducing to you the power rangers in 
SMK Taman Tun Fuad  for 3 months.. hahaha...

tadaaa!! this is us - the last batch of power rangers who finally survived 3 months in SMK TTF..
there are another power rangers who fighting over 3 months at 
SMK Bahang, SMK Likas and SMK Shan Tao.

paling staring dia la ni....satu urang seja dia sana SMK Likas..kasi dia power rangers merah la...haha!

these two bebeh pula sana SMK gang teaching english...


these two heroin pula sana SMK Shantao..hoho!! 

geng-geng sy yang teaching english semua pun x sama sekolah dgn sy, terpaksalah 
sy meng-annoyed kan kawan yg teach math..haha..nda masuk pun topik tu kami kasi masuk seja..
kalau sy ingat-ingat balik, banyak sgt hal-hal yg lucu..setiap hari ada seja yg dijadikan bahan
untuk kasi ringan mulut-mulut kami ni choice, laugh like crazy people 
seja the only way to release tension ntah apa2 seja benda yg di-stress-kan tu..
ketawa kalah-kalah orang kesarungan (kesarungan=kerasukan) hahaha.

if she is a man, i rather be in relationship with her..hahaha.. tunggang langgang nya sy selama 
3 bulan tu, dia la saksinya...bida-bida muka sy tu setiap hari selepas kelas dia juga la 
saksinya..haha...complaint2 sy tabur pun sama dia juga..thank you sayang for
the patience and for the belanja2 breakfast di kantin sekolah kesayangan kita tu..haha!!
how i missed to have breakfast with you..lebih2 lagi klu kena belanja tu, rasa makanan tu mcm 
lebih sedap...hahaha..

kalau si gadis bertudung ayu itu kawan bkongsi sgala duka,cehhh... yang di bawah ni kawan belawan..

hahaha..ada saja yg nda kdg2 penyabar juga la dia kasi kawan sy makan di kantin..
mcm mna gila2 pn kami berdebat, klu ada hal terus dilupa sudah yg debat2 segala..haha
apa2 pun thank you so much to him,for his patience every morning to fetch me, im the reason
yang always menyebabkan mereka2 ni merasa datang lambat p sekolah..haha!!
thank you encik...without him kali, sy jalan kaki p sekolah..eksen mcm mna pn dia ni, penyabarnya ni tip top la..(puji sikit..takut kena marah...hahaha!!)


perlu ka sy sebut pasal diurang ni?? hahaha..tidak baaaa...tidak sama sekali sy lupa 3 starring ni...banyak jasa diurang ni..terutama sekali
menjaga baby printer sy dgn baik sekali..dapat bilik ber-aircond pla tu...hahaha!!
mmg tiada tujuan lain klu jumpa durang ni, klu bukan sebab printing, mmg
beketawa sejalah kerja kami.. first week seja pn suda sy p sna buat bising..
mcm mna juga kan, tiap kali bkumpul ada seja cerita yg membuatkan mulut sy ni ringan
betul mau ketawaa..kalau di bilik guru, alamak boleh dikatakan mcm org bisu, mcm org bermasalah seja..
makanya, jumpa diurang ni di blik kaunseling bukan lagi sikit, banyak sgt positif vibe di dalam tu...
(ah! man..nda payah kau mau kembang betul di sana..haha!) mungkin itu la ba kan 
nature sebagai counselor ni, membawa environment positif..
thank you so much for the comfort and positive vibe u guys had spread to us.. and keep
spreading a good vibe to others okay!! thats what a counselor should do right..

saya belanja gambar sikit... hehe

actually, when we just started our practicum, there are other students from UMS who still undergoing their practicum. diurang ni sangat open, i mean they willing to share their experiences 4 months 
teaching..nda kedekut ilmu, ramah (especially Priscilla) hehe..bykkk tips diurang bagi..^.^
so apa lagi ambil kesempatan la mengurik pengalaman diurang..haha.. belanja kamu gambar lagi..

this is my mentor, Madam Nancy...feeling lucky to have her as my mentor..

very humble and always there helping me even though she is a busy woman
always rushing here and there but she will try to put some effort to guide me through out my practicum... she is like a mom to me and i willing to help her and do anything for her 
during my practicum..thank you so much to her for everything.. your tips, your advice, your experiences 20years teaching which u shared with me, i will remember every single things u said. it will become my references if one day i become a real teacher. trillion of thank you.. ^.^ 

ouchh!! mode touching2 pula kan..hahaha.. okaylah.. semua power rangers sy suda introduce kan... 
ni pula ceritera saya bersama dgn pelajar-pelajar yg paling luar biasa pernah sy jumpa sepanjang hidup saya..
to be honest la kan...i never expect yang im going to teach hard class..the first month was my - i can consider it was my worse month ever.. i never thought teaching was as hard as what i experienced. both classes have their own ways to challenge me but mostly they play with my patience. i almost giving up but..haha..
thank God, my family, friends and lecturers always there to support..klu tidak, ada la ni yg berlari p tandas menangis...exactly like what my lecturer pernah cerita..haha..nasib tidak la sampai mcm tu..

ni la kelas yang paling banyak menguji tahap kesabaran sy..haha..time2 upload gmbar ni 
rindu pla sy dgn durg ni..especially durg punya nakal2 tu, yg selalu kasi sy pening ingat lagi masa firstime dpt kelas ni, sy blum kenal lg student2 of the trainee teacher from UMS ask me, i wont mention the name..he ask me what class do i get..i said i got 2 classes 4 pdg and 4 tswr..and he laugh..he said..u r so lucky to have that class especially 4 tswr.. so sy pn okaylah because
they said the class was okay...but the fact is, the other way round..those kids give me heart attack and they killed me everyday..BUT, orang bilang "tak kenal maka tak cinta" kan...
so i tried to get along with them, at last okay jugalah..not bad..
diurang ni bukan lah jahat or tidak hormat cikgu, but nakal..thats i  guess its normal..
i dont know la if they learn something from me,huhu..but i learned a lots from them.
they taught something that i wont get in formal education..
i know some of them was good in english it just they dont want to stress out themselves because maybe for them form 4 is honeymoon dulu mcm tu ka ar? haha..maybe..

kalau 4 tasawwur gave me headache everyday, then 4 pdg was the class which full of "i dont care" type of students. hahaha.. chaotic my class is..haha..maigad..i missing them..okay, keep cool...haha!
my firstime with this class, like what i said before they dont really care.. sometimes i feel like 
im talking to the wall..they keep doing their own work, like im invisible..hurt enough..
tapi biasalah kan first time..orang bilang. "first step always the hardest one" jadi saya hanya 
mampu menabahkan diri and try to fit in with them..i try to understand each of them. if only i had the picture of them during my first day teaching them, mmg contrast la dgn gmbr yg d atas tu..
muka sy mcm mau makan urang kali time tu smpai diurang pn nda mau tgk sy...haha!
there are 2 things yg menarik dgn class ni.. which, i had to use 3 language with them, malay english and chinese, but chinese i refuse to speak..yala, lidah keras suda mau cakap cina..some of them speak chinese tapi sy jawap malay.. hidup slogan "1 Malaysia" di kelas tu..india seja xda...haha.. second yang menarik,
i had a twin students!! haha.. well in my previous entry, i do mention how i obsess with twin kan..feel like magic everyday i saw twin in my class..haha..

honestly, with this class la i really can apply my lesson..biarpun pada mulanya diurang turn off bila class sy, but slowly, they gave positive feedback..take time kan..
diurang tau bila masa main bila masa belajar, bila diurang perlu senyap and bila durang perlu buat bising..
with this class juga la sy kena observed for 3x..memang this class helped me alot with my
practical secara tidak langsung. at first sy ragu2 juga durang ni mau bg kerjasama, after went through the first observation yg hancuss, came the second and third, everything getting smooth and better from the previous.
this class really good with me but biasalah kadang2 pandai dtg mood gila2 durang ni, naa tahan hati sejalah..

saya doakan setiap satu pelajar saya dari kedua-dua kelas yang saya jaga ni, berjaya dengan jaya nya..
sama ada dalam pelajaran mahupun kehidupan kamu.
u will never know what u capable of until u so proud to have u guys (both classes) as my students,
pengalaman2 yg saya dapat dari kamu sangat2 lah berharga bagi saya.
i might not a good teacher, but trust me i already do my best! not only me, but i believe semua angkatan2 guru praktikal produk Unirazak sama ada teaching atau counseling pun already do their best,sometimes  what we had done is beyond our expectations..
 i hope u guys learn something from me exactly like myself learn something from you guys..
best wishes from me for my students.. ^.^

okaylah..enough with the touching2...huhu..sedeyyy saya mau belanja gambar lagi..
sila lah menikmati permandangan ya.. ^.^

kami ni versatile semua.. selain jadi power rangers, kami  ni juga tukang conteng dinding sekolah yang berjaya..haha.. 
buat mural ni pun hal juga ni..sekejap mau di kasi jadi sekejap nda...last-last jadi...
hahaha.. bingung2 lagi mau conteng apa di dinding sekolah tu,,nasib la kami di suruh buat 
8map i-think tu jadi kurang sikit mau di pikir kan...

hehehe... rasanya apa yang kami buat tu cukup untuk memenuhi permintaan sekolah.
i never imagine in my wildest dream to do my own mural..beyond my expectations, nda sangka sy dapat buat..bila first mau lukis tu, sy ragu-ragu juga dgn kemampuan diri sdri, yala, klu tidak menjadi seperti yang digambarkan, ouch! malu ba tu,,dinding sekolah pla tu.. 
nasib menjadi juga muka orang tu..haha..walaupun ada student cakap muka katun tu mcm biawak..
hahahaha...sabar sejalah.. ^.^

hampir terlupa, sebelum mula praktikal hari tu, saya dengan dua org lagi kawan berpeluang buat ROS di SK. Kibabaig Penampang..di sana kami belum stress apa2 lagi..still can have fun lagi..
boleh selfie2 lagi..belum ada lesson lagi..hahaha..macam tiada urusan..actually, ROS ni kami kena observed sekolah tu, observed and tackle teknik2 mengajar yang berkesan...tapi kalau sy fikir balik, mana la boleh apply teknik mengajar budak sekolah rendah sama budak sekolah menengahkan..
but nevermind lah..namanya pun mencari pengalaman..

sekolah rendah ni yang menariknya kan, dia 3 dalam 1..mcm minuman nescafe tu...haha..
dalam sekolah ni ada pra-sekolah, normal school and for special kids.. we took the chances explore the school and kami berpeluang jumpa kanak-kanak istimewa ni.. memang cabaran menjadi guru pendidikan khas ni berganda-ganda lebih mencabar berbanding guru biasa.
if i was in their shoes, i dont know la if i can or not handle the class. it was a great ROS visit to the school.
at some point it open my eyes of the real fact being a teacher.

everything happened to me within those 3 months are one of the best things ever happened to my life.
membohong la if i said, the experience i gained didn't affect me personally, because it does.
not a bit but almost half of my life was affected from it. 

finally, tamat lah suda perjuangan para pejuang-pejuang akhir di medan peperangan selama 3 bulan.
tiada yang tewas..semua berjaya sampai ke hujung..hehe..entri kali ni macam full report pun ada juga..hahaha..btw, terima kasih yang tidak terhingga buat kawan-kawan khususnya sebab sentiasa bersama suka duka manis pahit menjadi guru praktikal ni..hehe
ba apa lagi, now, focus seminar in edu pula..last battle kita!! gambate!! :))
best wishes for you guys.  

Thank you for those yang baca sampai habis entri ini ya..^.^
lots of love.

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