Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Confident !! Confident !! Confident !! confident level is poor. I admit it. #sigh
I love English and I wish I can speak English fluently.
But, still, my major problem is the confident to speak,
to express my self, my opinion, to shares idea with others
in English wasn't there. Obviously, this problem 
really tense me up. 

Me already step in Semester 6, but still...
when my lecturer give an open questions..mean
anyone can answer it, express opinions, it's not about
I don't have idea, I do have. It just my mouth can't speak
out along with the ideas which flows over my head words
by words.

When I noticed, I'm the only in the class afraid to speak,
it make me feels worse, down, my confident level just drop
like the titanic. But, I do believe that, I can do it! and I can
build up my confident. I'm surrounded by otai-otai in my class,
so I guess I can learn from them. :)) #feelcalm

I think, I can sleep peacefully already for tonight. Sharing does
help me in order to keep calm & stay positive! :)))
huuuu.... okay! Thanks for reading my worries.. Much love!
God Bless... ^.^