Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Selamat Hari Ibu... :)

Happy Mothers Day!!! especially to my mom.... :)

everyday is a mothers day.. but today is the special day for every mom... hehehe...
im not the sweet talker mom, so i dun know how to expressed how im so lucky and grateful having u in my life...

on this special day mom... forgive me for all my mistakes, my manners, my words upon u.. i'm so sorry...

Dear mom,

    As I look back on my life,
    I find my self wondering....
    did I remember to thank you
    for all u have done for me?
        for all of the times you were by my side
       to celebrate all my successes
       and accepts my defeats?
       or for teaching me the value of hard work
       good judgement, courage and honesty?
I wonder If I ever thanked you....for the simple things.. 
the laughter, smile and quiet times we shared...
    if I've ever forgotten to express my gratitude  for any of these things,
    I am thanking you now and want to express my love for you!
    and I'm hoping u've know all along
    how very much u r appreciated.

                 Sincere, Ur daughter Joenna...

yea... i do love my mom so much!! hehehehe... even though she might not able to read this, but i know she know... :) thanks for everything mom... Happy mothers day.... mwahhhhhhhh!!! :)

with Love JoAnne.