Sunday, 25 March 2012

got 'shortcut' problem?

u guys ever experience this, when u try to open your pendrive or external, suddenly all of your file become shortcuts? which is the folder can't be open... naa... that's it... :) 
I'm pretty sure this happen to almost all people which used pendrive or external as a medium to saved your work, pictures, or movies... am I right? hehehe...

so do I.. lately, I always faced shortcut problem .. those day, I thought shortcuts problem cannot be solve..
every time i noticed my file turn shortcuts, directly i would format my pendrive or external without searching for solution.. how stupid am I.. lol...  and now.. i want to shared HOW TO SOLVE SHORTCUTS PROBLEM in simple way and easy to understood. :)

firstly : 
  1. go to start.
  2. click run
  3. type cmd and click ok
  4. copy this -->    attrib -h -r -s /s /d e:\*.* and paste it to the command prompt.
P/S : the letter (e) replace with your FLASH DRIVE LETTER which shown in "my computer" .

     5.  and enter.

wait for a while, then check your pendrive or external , your file will appeared. Once your file already appeared, delete the shortcuts and scan your pendrive or external.

Easy right? hehe.. I do always used this every time I faced shortcuts problems.
I hope this will help you guys.

 with love JoAnne.

Friday, 23 March 2012

FootPrints n_n

when i was a kid... i love to hear religious story... i'm going to share one of it which still fresh and i keep it saved
in my heart not on my mind.. n_n

" One night, a man had a dream. He dreamed, he was walking a long the 
beach with the Lord.
Across the sky, flashed scenes from his life. For each scene,
he noticed two sets of footprints in the sand,
which, one belong to him and one belong to the Lord.
When the last scene of his life flashed before him,
he looked back at the footprints in the sand.
He noticed that many times of his life there was only one set of footprints.
He also noticed that it happened at the very lowest and saddest times in his life.
This really bothered him.
He questioned the Lord about it.
" Lord, You said that once I decided to follow You, You would
walk with me along the way. But, I have noticed that during the most
troublesome times in my life, there's only 
one set of footprint. I don't understand,
why I need You the most, You would leave me? "
The Lord replied ,
" My son, My precious child, I LOVE YOU 
and NEVER leave you.
During your times of trial and suffering, when you see only one set of footprint,
it because I WAS CARRIED YOU." "

See.. We always thought that God will leave us during our hard time.. but it was wrong.. HE never will leave us  faced everything without He guide us.. 
Hope this short story will teach us a lesson and always think before want to blaming anyone for anything that happen to our self. A reminder for me too.. :)

with love JoAnne.  

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

TeNtaNg SahabaT..... n_n

This time I'm going to story telling about my Friends...
     No matter la... what kind of Friend their are......
           the onLy thing is, I really appreciate Them all....I do mean it...

what can i described what is friend is
     ~ Friends is someone who UNDERSTAND your past,
            BELIEVE in your future, and ACCEPT you today the way you are. ~

last night, I downloaded Najwa Latif song title
her song just nice..sweet..i loved her music...
when i heard her song ( Sahabat ), officially i do become her fan..
but not the fanatic one la...
then, I used her song become my video's soundtrack,
i made it by my own...hahahaha... 
just nice la.... ^.^

I dedicated this song to all my friends
even they might be can't read this
but my best wishes is always be with them...

Thanks for brighten and lighten up my past, today and I hope it will be 
continuous .... ^.^

Enjoyed !!! I LOVE YOU GUYS..... ^.^
with love JoAnne 

Monday, 19 March 2012

Boarding School are better than Day School.

This topic is the topic that I choose to debate in my English class Today. I'm going to shared my argumentative essay against the topic.
Nowadays, most parents thought that boarding school is better than day schools. Is it true? Well, even I'm not become a parents yet, but as a student i do not agree with the statement which been said that boarding school is better than day schools. As we know, boarding school is a school which placed a number of students that aren't stay with their family but with their friend that they even  don't know each other. Imagine how those kid live apart from their family in earlier age and how hard they adapt the new environment. See, it only worsen up the situation. Hence, I'm certainly do not agree with the statement that says boarding school is better than day schools.
We always heard " It teaches them to be independent " or " They will learn discipline " by those parents who really assured that their kid will become exactly like what they wish for. I believe this because the disadvantages of boarding school is not obvious. Boarding school can turn up the relationship between parents and their kid become awkward in long term. This possible because they don't have time to spend together with their family like others family does. As we know, the boarders schedule are really pack with activities and their free time will fill doing their laundry and keep their room clean. Those parents who sent their kid to boarding school should not be surprised if one day their kid called up their parents using their parents first name and not addressed them properly like what they supposed to used. It happen. This result is one of my reason why I do not agree that boarding school is better than day schools.
Let me move on to my second point, which is their have a potential to fall into unhealthy and harmful activities. Boarding school is really organized and have a strict rule and regulation to follow. This causes them to rebellion. Nowadays, most of children know exactly what they want and their limits. If they forced to follow the rule and regulation it will become a stressful thing and they will faced a conflict and crisis alone without their parents guidance. As a result, they will ask an advise from their peers that might be wrong. Indirectly, they will decide a decision unprofessionally and could get involved in unhealthy activities and might be harmful such as, smoking or even drug. Thus, I really don't agree if boarding school are better than day schools.
Other than that, it is possible to gain an unpleasant experiences at boarding school. Nowadays, we often heard from the news about bullying and ragging especially from boarding school. This might be never come across some parents mind. This because they thought that their kid will be monitored frequently by wardens, but those parents should know the warden not monitored only one or two student but hundred of students. Cases like this will lose student's motivation, concentration and have low self-esteem. Indirectly, this can lead them to suicide attempts because they too young to faced pressure like that move over they have nobody to count on. If this happens, who should be blamed? That's why I objected that boarding school is better than day school.
 However, no doubt there's also have a advantages about boarding school. The advantages is he environment of the school which is more conducive for studying. Their time is full with activities that school provide , such as afternoon will be for co-curicular and preps will be at nights. This will help the student using their time wisely. In addition, those students also have more opportunity for interpersonal developments. They will learn how to communicate and tolerate with each other as those students came from different background, races, and belief. Undeniable, some boarding school produce student who are more mature.
In the final analysis, both school whether boarding or day school is good choice. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages as well. Nothing is perfect in this world. The decisions is all up to the individual itself as long as there's a discussion among family members. Consider all the pro and con before placing your kids whether to boarding or day school. In this situation, parents should help their kid to make decision and  play their role because the parents is their role model.
written original by JoAnne. ~
with love JoAnne.